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Quarterly Congress

At Covenant of Life there are three congresses prepared for the Elect (Appointed Representatives in Spheres).
An assembling for a common purpose as a prophetic preparation strategically through the year for our Apostolic Mandate.

1. THIRST:- This is our Annual Spiritual Renewal conference aimed at bringing men into accurate posture (Presentation) where all they represent is God. It is a spiritual preparatory congress that holds April every year in commemoration of the Easter season.

2. ITLT(In Times Like These):- Our Kingdom Education Summit which comes up usually in summers (August) and can be summarized in few key words: WORSHIP | WORD | DISCOVERIES. This Congress seeks to by the Inspiration of the Almighty bring men into the whole truth about the word of God addressing doctrinal issues and anomalies in the body of Christ [The Ekklesia].

At this congress, proper attention is given to the re-orientation and transformation by the Truth with the principal aim to furnish the man as a part of whole, who in turn continues the chain till we all conform ultimately.

3. TIAG(There is a God):-This is the Grand finale of our annual congresses that comes up the last days of the year. At this congress, we gather not only to acknowledge the benevolence of the Almighty for a year well spent but to seek wisdom for the year ahead and receive bespoke Kingdom curriculums and strategies.

At TIAG we take out ample time to also re-engage the service and partnership of every hand on deck, physically and remotely all year round, unveil new projects for the coming year and are equipped by the word and the spirit to accurately reperesent an emissaries in our spheres of influence.

Testimonies from our Last Congress

Years of waiting on the Lord for Admission into my Tertiary Education phase (5 Years precisely) ended 31st December, 2020: 11:00pm at TIAG-2020 Congress!

- Ayomide Oluwatobiloba

I had ulcer, eye defect (itching and short sightedness), also my family has a track record of diabetes from generation to generation, but whilst being ministered to, the power of God fell on me, i was completely healed of my sickness and i want  to believe my family has been delivered too.  

- Daniel Apori

Whenever i experience my menstrual period, i experience insanity and i've been carried to several hospitals but i'm currently on my period, i am healed of insanity and im  completely whole, i want to return all glory to God.

- Oyefeso Mary Oriyomi