Impact Hub

Impact Hub is a platform of The Covenant of Life at Life Schools whose goal is to Recruit and Converge Men(Influencers) who influence their Geography of Assignment(spheres) through their Lifestyle.

The world is a Global Village and Impact Hub is our Village Square. It is the meeting point of every alumnus of Life Schools and Individuals whose Centre of activity is THE KINGDOM.

It is the hub which our individual events completely revolve!

At Impact Hub, our sole Assignment is to grow you to “BECOMING” before DOING; a culture of IMPACT!



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The Hub recruits Leaders(Influencers) every year and trains them through 3 key programmes;

  1. Christianity & The Marketplace – The Kingdom.
  2. Leadership Development & Experience.
  3. Sphere & Sector Mentorship Programme.

Our focus is the seven (7) spheres of influences and its expressions (sectors) which lack the right leadership influence/influences.

The Hub offers systems of Advantage for precision and accuracy in Presentation and Representation e.g. a Media and Branding Team put in place to assist aspiring leaders with BRANDING, GRAPHIC DESIGN and INTERNET/SOCIAL MEDIA, which has become a necessary tool for global success in today’s world.

The Hub also has an online-store which helps start-ups and aspiring leaders sell their products and services.




Raising and Empowering Faith-based Leaders with the Enlightening and Empowerment needed to meet the changing needs of our generation congregation.

Faith Ministers are the heart and soul of almost every community across the world – acting as Role Models and Leaders, Shaping Mind-sets and instilling values; Providing Support and Guidance to people, and teaching to accept salvation; doing the kingdom – to share the love of God with others, irrespective of their Gender, Age, Tribe, Nationality, Race or Social/Financial Status.

This is why it is important for us as a HUB to be part of raising the next generation faith leaders to develop effective Governance structures and Robust Financial Management Procedures to engage in kingdom ethnical Ministerial practices, to shape positive Mind-sets and building Communities and to fulfil their divine Mandate.




It is never business as usual for us but an unusual priesthood creating a positive Christo-effect in the business world that brings prosperity and fulfilment for all – the workforce and the organization herself.

Our goal is to raise global Christian business leaders who will never bend the truth to make a SALE; Leaders with integrity; Leaders who will provide best quality products & services; Leaders who will help people to become themselves out of poverty by creating jobs as Inspiring Entrepreneurs and Start-ups; Leaders who will build value in business – for the organization, for the workers and for the customers/consumers, by creating an atmosphere of Optimism, Integrity, Team work, Creativity and Resourcefulness.




  • Building up street churches
  • Poor Families
  • Orphans
  • The Abused
  • The Disabled
  • The Oppressed
  • The Hungry
  • The Naked
  • The Sick & Mentally ill

To experience Jesus’ promise of life in all of its fullness!

We therefore seek to raise philanthropic leaders who will be channels of God’s love and blessing, promises and care to all persons in need while creating a future where possibilities and opportunities are equal for all persons regardless of their background/social status and to inspire By Visions, Support Aspirations and encourage achievement any young people!




Education is Key to development, transformation and success!

This is why informing, transforming and reforming all people around systems through Education by providing quality Leadership and Inspiration or Learning, Research and Human Development is very vital to us as an Institution.

     Note:- Education is not Schooling except Education will be achieved through Schooling!

Our goal is to raise leaders who will build studying communities that appreciate the value of EDUCATION & SERVICE, and develop infrastructure and support, including Innovative Technology, for Studies, Research, Teaching, Human Development and Service, while creating a virtual study platform for online studies and building schools from basic-to-tertiary level to offer affordable and world-class formal education to Communities!




We believe that manners and morals are shaped by the content we see, hear or read and the media is that channel of communication in the world today.

To influence lives, we must raise Media Leaders who will revolutionize communication, especially digital communication, while providing the media platform to publish the Gospel and values of Jesus Christ through CONTENT CREATION and Multiple expressions of Digital Communication and to be a Media Hub to assist Individuals, Companies, Churches, etc. with Media Branding, Publicity, High Quality Media Services and engaging Digital Resources.

We seek to raise such Media Leaders to offer the best combination of Media channels to enhance Education, Entertain people, share in people’s joy by capturing their unforgettable moments and transform lives for the glory of Christ.




Applicants are required to submit an essay (with no word limit) on the topic “MY VISION - MY MISSION”.

Selected applicants will be interviewed on the content of their essay. The essay must answer the following questions:



  • What is Man?
  • Who are you?
  • Where did you come from?
  • Where are you going to?

  • What can you do?

  • What should you offer?
    • What do people need that you can offer?
    • What do people want that they are willing to pay for that you can offer?
    • What can you offer effectively with the resources available to you? Thus, what do you have comparative advantage in?

  • How will you influence others to desire what you have to offer or convince them that they need what you have to offer?

  • How will you convince or influence others that what you are offering or supplying is the best to serve their needs and they should exchange what they have (or pay) for it?

  • How will you convince or influence the following class of people to join you to offer/supply what you plan to offer, and how will you reward them for their contribution?
    • Partners or co-founders
    • Investors or shareholders, or donors/financiers
    • As employees or co-workers

  • What is your growth strategy like?
    • How will you sustain and improve upon what you plan to offer for the next 3 to 5 years?
    • How will you influence a larger market or a great number of people to demand what you have to offer?
    • How will you meet the growing demand in the short term and the long term?
    • Where do you plan on leading what you want to offer in the next 10 years?


Need means necessity; the things you can't live without. E.g. According to Abraham Maslow, human needs are of five kind; physiological needs (like food, shelter, clothing, water, air, sleep etc.), safety needs (like security of job, pension for old age, insurance plan, etc.), social needs (like love, affection, friendship, acceptance by group etc.), esteem needs (like self-respect, self-confidence, status, recognition, approval, appreciation, etc.) and self-actualization needs (like self-development, self-actualization, self-advancement, desire to take an increased responsibilities, etc.)

Want means desire; those things we desire to set us apart from others or make our lives easy and comfortable. At The Covenant of Life Wants are best described as NEEDS! Wants change with time, place and the individual. It is determined by individual’s culture and personality and therefore is not always the same. It is not critical to human’s life but rather complementary. All desires, aspirations and motives of humans are known as human wants in economics and the wants that can be satisfied with goods and services of any kind are economic wants. Wants are unlimited and insatiable. A human is never truly satisfied, and so his/her wants too are endless. We may temporarily satisfy some of our wants but they always reoccur.

"Demand" means desire or want backed by the ability and willingness to pay.

“Supply” means the ability and willingness to create goods and services to take them to those who demand it.

Having a comparative advantage at producing or doing something is when you can produce or offer it well at lower cost or with little resources than others or anyone else. Having a comparative advantage is not the same as being the best at something. In fact, someone can be completely unskilled at doing something, yet still have a comparative advantage at doing it.

Demography of candidate:

  • Must be 30 years or below
  • Must have attended The School of Service(I-Serve); The School of Innovation(Innovate) OR ITS EQUIVALENT before Joining the Hub
  • Must be interested in Leadership and Personal Development
  • Must appreciate the need for mentorship and coaching
  • Must be interested in peer-to-peer Networking and Mentorship
  • Must have the willingness to unlearn and learn
  • Must have the willingness to commit time and effort into the activities and programmes of the HUB
  • Must be enthusiastic about solving a problem in the society, the nation or the world at large and ready to give back to the community and inspire the next generation