The Kingdompreneurs Institute

Innovate is a 4-Month masterclass whose goal is;

  • Equipping deployed emissaries, individuals whom heaven will use to fulfil the end-time agenda of God in the marketplace.
  • Positioning you to discover and create a value-based entrepreneurial system to enable you operate effectively in your sphere of influence and fulfil your kingdom mandate in the marketplace.
  • Creating service (Ministry) systems and structures that correlates active business(Industry) and ministry (or life call); integrating spirituality into your business for an unfair advantage in the global market.
  • Empowerment through a 1-Month Revenue Generation & Skill Acquisition Scheme


The Kingdompreneur Institute will focus on these areas;

  • Higher education and training.
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Literacy.
  • Revenue Generation Education.


Course Outline:

1. Financial Transformation II

  •  Income & Making Money
  •  Financial Management
  •  Multiplication

2. Kingdompreneurship.

  • The Dynamics.
  • The Pattern.
  • The 7 Revelations a kingdompreneur must master to operate in the fullness of God.

3. The Vision Cycle & The Marketplace;

  • After you have discovered your area of calling and influence.
  • Identifying the Vision Mandate, Purpose and Framework

4. The Secret Sector.

  • Breakthrough strategies.
  • Prophetic Consultation/Spiritual Quotient.
  • Critical Creativity, Innovation & Technology

5. Worksheets and Guides.

  • The DiscoverySheet.
  • SMA²RT Faith Goal worksheet.
  • Faith Goals Action Roadmap.


6.   Revenue Generation Education which involves a skill acquistion program.

  • E-Commerce
  • Foreign Exchange & Investment 
  • Cryptocurrency & Digital Financial Education


Who can attend the Kingdompreneur Institute?

  • One who is a disciple of Jesus, has identified his/her gift (inherent) and would not just make a living; but make a life!
  • One who is empowered by God to provide a Product and Service for PROFIT(Not just money).
  • One who has dedicated his/her life to service; solving problems.
  • One who understands that their calling and assignment is to:

            -  Improve their communities through Business Solution
            -  Establish a legacy for their families.
            -  Become wealthy.
            -  Advance the Kingdom of God.



The Lectures holds Thursays and Fridays (08:00 pm – 10:00 pm).
Students from all parts of the world can participate from their locations through the digital platform that is solely for this purpose. This helps integrate the school into the busy and productive schedule of many.

The Kingdompreners Institute Masterclass will take some 4 months.
3 months of Education and 1 month Empowerment
(Revenue Generation & Skill Acquistion)

Application to the Kingdompreneurs Institute is free while the Tuition is N50,000.00 OR its equivalent in foreign currencies.

You can speak with the Reach-Out Department on +234-703-657-1701 or through our email.