The School of Service

I-Serve is a 3-Month mentorship and training Programme  in response to our mandate received to raise successful Kingdom Emissaries in all spheres of Influence for Societal and National Transformation.

 Mark 10:45 For even the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many. (KJV) For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. (NIV) 
The School of Service is a programme organized by Covenant of Life, and it is fondly called I-Serve.

Our assignment is to dymystify ministry so that Kingdom Emissaries sent into other spheres other than religion can see and know it is their sphere of Ministry and not an enemy of their call and thus receive their ministry.

We are in a very unique time of our lives and a kairos moment where heavens is on a mission to raise ambassadors; Individuals it will use to fulfill an end-time agenda of God in the market place as Emissaries.

I-Serve is the platform of Covenant of Life that caters for the development and deployment of these emissaries.


The school of service seeks to do four things:

  • SELF(Spiritual; Emotional; Leadership; Financial) Transformation.
  • Demystify ministry for the works of ministry in your spheres of influence where you have been called to give witnessing.
  • Prepare you for Service
  • Release(Export) you as God's resource into the world.

Thus, The School of Service is not a Theology School; but an institution for every Individual who has a mandate(role) on earth.

Due to the nature of the programme, the School of service runs digitally for 3 months or more with courses and a project which have been carefully selected and designed to inspire, equip and produce the you that God created.

At The School of Service, the following courses are offered;

1. Ministry
2. Finance
3. Leadership
4. Personal Transformation



  • Service- The Foundation of Christianity
  • Service- The Price


  • Belief Systems(Convictions)
  • Systems & Culture
  • Dependency
  • Discovering Your Area of Calling(Purpose)


  • Leadership, Character & Gift
  • Identifying your Gift
  • The Price for & of Leadership
  • Leadership Ethics & Model (Servanthood Leadership)
  • The Spirit of Leadership
  • Leadership, Discipleship & Leadership development


  • Introductory To Finance & Financing
  • Personal Branding & Positioning In The Marketplace
  • Understanding Financial Times & Seasons
  • Currency, Money & Its Evolution
  • Where Money Hides
  • Savings - A lifestyle
  • The savings culture - Financial Waste management & The Investment Mindset
  • Multiplying Your Income
  • The Pathway To Wealth


  • The Call of God
  • The Architecture of Ministry
  • Demystifying Ministry
  • Receiving Ministry, The Base & Phase ministries
  • The Fundamental Requirement of Ministry
  • Ministry - The Organization


There are four values you have to consider before you sign-up for The School of Service;

You must be a man firstly under the authority of God. The first value you must have is your relationship with God. We reign in life on account of our connection to God. Having a relationship with God is not just being a Christian nor a religious criteria, it is a lifeline for being valuable in life.

A transformed mind ready to receive transformation. To be valuable in our days, you must reorient your mind. Thus you must be ready for a paradigm shift to unlearn, learn and re-learn.

You must have identified your advantage. A Gift and Talent (ability) or Skill?
Our world has no reward for mediocrity. The minimum standard is excellence, hence, you must benchmark your destiny by global standards. Spirituality is not a license to live a life of mediocrity. This helps strive for a level of value that is not localized but global!

A balanced emotional quotient allows for healthy relationship. You must be ready to build quality and destiny changing relationships. Everything in life multiplies on the basis of relationship.


No. It is a kingdom school designed by the HolySpirit to dymystify ministry for kingdom ambassadors to receive ministries for their sphere of influence. However, only those who have received the Call of God upon their lives and those interested in Kingdom Service are eligible for application.

No. There will be an Ordination Service in the cause of the programme but you are not ordained as a Pastor. The Ordination Service is to bring you into your Spiritual Ordination by Spiritual Impartation for Kingdom Service in your marketplace.

The Lectures hold Tuesdays and Wednesdays (08:00 pm – 10:00 pm) and Students from all parts of the world can participate from their locations through the digital platform that is solely for this purpose. This helps integrate the school into the busy and productive schedule of many.

Your referee must be someone who has known you over a long time be it a family member, leaders in a local assembly or other para-ministries like a Youth group or Fellowship. There only must be a clear evidence of a working relationship between you and the referee.

No. The classes are strictly digital. Thus, we strongly advise that the classes be followed digitally as sessions and materials will be made available for downloads immediately for assignments, assessments and interactions. Also, a platform is created that helps foster a community.

The School of Service will take some 3-4 months.

Application to the School of Service is free while the Tuition is N20,000.00 OR its equivalent in foreign currencies.

You can speak with the Reach-Out Department on +234-703-657-1701.