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Life Schools

...Live the Life


About Us

The traditional religious education in our world today does not prepare the average Christian for the ever-changing world that we live in. Today's world requires a rare combination of qualities, advanced technicalities, a high level of collaboration and adaptability.

The National and International demand for men with innovative competence and creativity will only continue to expand. The Life schools is thus prepared to address the dispository in our world today.

Life schools is a platform of Covenant of life that is prepared to equip you with the necessary tools for life and empower you not just live through life but live THE LIFE you are called and made to live with confidence and competence, thus excellence, success and greatness.



Our mission is to equip through training and empower through mentorship. We aim to build a Hub of anointed problem solvers, creating innovative solutions to today's problems through the life and light of God. At Life schools, we are committed to delivering quality equipping(trainings) and empowerment(mentorship) that helps you become YOU.

Do not be plagued by the misinformation of service as servitude.
Ministry is a subset of service.

Innovation is the mother that births invention.
The difference is; Innovation is a discovery while Invention is the recovery of what was discovered.

The plague of men destined unto greatness is the misconception of
impact as "doing" instead of "being".
It is time to discover that the strength of your impact is directly proportional to the life you LIVE



Our Schools

Our Schools are designed to help you acquire the basic trainings and the mentorship needed to become the YOU that can live THE LIFE you were MADE to live.
With project based Active learning, your mastery of the curriculum(topics) translates into empowerment that sets you up for National and Global transformation.


What we do

We do three things extremely well;

First, we equip you.
We are committed to preparing the man through personal transformation and by trainings in Leadership, Personal finance and Ministry(service) to help you receive ministry.

Secondly, we accelerate your journey.
We do this by empowering you with new tools and methods so that you can produce results and bring greater value to the world through Innovations and Corporate education. Thus,helping you build a value-based entrepreneural system.

Thirdly, we build a hub.
We build a community with you being a gift, this community empowers you with kingdom relationships and mentorship for impact.


Our Instructor

Oluwatobiloba Oshunbiyi, the Team Lead at The Covenant of Life.

An instructor,Equipper, Kingdompreneur and Life Coach.
He was a Specialist to the South African Tourism before his call into full time ministry. He is currently the Head of Schools at Covenant of Life.



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