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At The Covenant of Life, Leadership is not completely defined until we understand Leadership as Discipleship. We believe that Leaders produce Leaders through followership just like Fathers produce Fathers through Sonship.

The Leadership Training Programme is a Monthly programme designed to help emerging Leaders and followers learn how to be a better Leader for themselves and their Institutions(Ministries) and Organisations.

Leadership without proper Leadership Training will just be LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT.
The Leadership That Works(Volume 01 | Page 6) - a book written by our Team Lead - defines Leadership Development as activities(Not Training/Education) that improve/expand the capacity of Individuals to perform in Leadership roles and while this can be attained by our everyday activities and by The Leadership Spirit

[The Inherent Leadership Capacity and potential that is the essential nature of human beings], Kingdom Leadership will not be attained except by Discipleship (Leadership Training).

Leadership training is a must for every Institution because it is the only way to build effective leadership, and deliver exceptional results - Individually and Institutionally.

Leadership training helps identify high-potential individuals that are emerging leaders and extends the capabilities and knowledge of individuals who already perform leadership roles. 

Leaders will always need effective training per time - built on the Nation's [Institutions] current challenges.

For example, new and emerging leaders may need to develop abilities such as listening, conflict resolution and time management, so that they can step in their role. Senior leaders, on the other hand, may need training to keep up with new trends and technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, so that they can better define the Institution's overall vision. 

This is how we implement our Training Structure:
1. We Re-define Culture - which defines our respective concept of Leadership; thereby, developing a culture of learning(Influencing).
2. We define the Learning Scenario[Objectives] for the Month/Season.
3. We identify the right mix of Leadership Training Methods e.g, One-on-One Learning, Group Learning or Self-directed Learning.
4. We define Leadership Success for the Month including experiential Training - Impact & Influence.
[At The Covenant of Life, Success is an experience just like Failure - not a Destination]
5. We learn of the experience of our Team Lead; these are experiences and structures of Leadership designed to help Individual Leaders develop and enhance their Leadership Abilities.
6. Individuals carry out Self-Assesment Exercises.
7. A Round-Table and peer-to-peer mentorship with breaks; Lunch/Dinner as the time applies.

The Leadership Training Programme is a monthly program that comes with NO COST - save - Your declaration of interest.
It is primarily for our workforce group at The Covenant of Life, Covenant of Life Resources and Life Schools.

The beauty of LTP is that we do not keep this to ourselves alone. We open our doors to other Individual Leaders and Leaders of Institutions and/or Organizations.


After Registration, An acknowledgement email will be sent to you that grants you access to the Programme Venue.
Kindly note that without the Access Slip you won't be granted access.

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