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Team Lead


I am Oluwatobiloba Oshunbiyi, the Team Lead at Covenant of Life.
I am an Instructor, Equipper, Kingdompreneur and Life Coach.

I administrate at Covenant of life and was a Specialist to the South African Tourism before my call into full time ministry.

My journey began as a young boy with a lot of prophetic verdicts, visions of God and dreams with God. Confused with encounters, I started as a leader of a small youth group in Nigeria where I learned that leadership actually starts with Personal Development and influencing others. It is not an easy road but its been fulfilling!

  Do you have an unstoppable desire to make a difference in the lives of people? Unsure of where to start?? That's a snapshot of where I was over 10 years ago!!


You see, my Mission in life is growing and equipping others to do remarkable things and lead significant and fulfilled lives. And my vision is to transform your SELF (Spiritual, Emotional, Leadership, Financial).

There's no greater mission for me. There's no higher goal than to help you realise your significance and potential. That's why I've dedicated my life to what I believe to do best: Teach, Equip and Impart!


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GTBank Savings | 0168540768 | Oluwatobiloba Oshunbiyi



1. Do note that Invitations or reservations should come at least 3-6 months before the event.

2. The cost of the Host.
Transportation of Itinerary team which includes Letter of Invitation for Visa Procurement, Visa & Service fee, Verifiable Flight Ticket and any other travel arrangements according to the host country for International trips.
For Lodging and Accommodation, Hotel Reservations should be done directly with the hotel.
For Local & International trips whose days of ministration is more than a day, Feeding and Hospitality for the team is as well applied.

3. For the sake of simplicity we do not charge when you invite our Team Lead. We run a Zero charge and a Hero Honour system. We ask that you truly Honour his time and sacrifice for the sake of relationship and continuity. Thank you for understanding, God bless you!


Express interest and give details of the meeting for reservations.

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